Owner of Asaka Japanese Restaurant; Chef Koji Ando originates from Osaka,

Japan where he is proud to have earned his chef's license.

Areas in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe are called "Kansai" which is recognized as the best

place to study traditional Japanese cuisine called "Washoku-Kappou".

 Additionally, the legendary Osaka "Kuidaore" is a Japanese word roughly meaning to

 "ruin oneself by the sensational extravagance of food."


The Original Crab House "Kani-Douraku" has been in business sine 1960

 in "Douton-Bori, Osaka.





The Osaka Castle (know as the symbol of Osaka) was built in 1583 by 

Samurai-Shougun  "Toyotomi Hideyoshi"

- one of the first to unite the Japanese nation.




"Kiyomizu Temple" overlooking the city of Kyoto; which was the capital of Japan

until the 17th  century.



"Yodo River" flows through Kyoto and Osaka, which was an efficient way of

transportation for  hundreds of years. 

There is much history between the origin and traditions of these two cities.


Today, from The northern side of Osaka,  looking at Kyoto prefecture over the

Yodo River.



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